Pin-O-Clips: The Ultimate Organizers for Your Office Supplies

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Keeping your workspace organised can significantly enhance your productivity and efficiency. Pin-O-Clips are innovative dispensers designed to store and dispense used staple pins, paper clips, and other small office supplies. Let’s explore the different types of Pin-O-Clips and their unique features to help you find the perfect solution for your organisational needs.

1337 Pin-O-Clip: Sleek and Functional

The 1337 Pin-O-Clip features a square lid with a single opening, making it easy to dispense used staple pins and paper clips. Its magnetic top ensures that your clips are securely held and readily accessible. The glossy finish of the lid adds a touch of sophistication to your desk, while the transparent bottom allows you to see when it’s time to refill. The easy lift-off cap makes emptying and refilling a breeze, ensuring your workspace remains clutter-free.

Key Features:

  • Square lid with one opening
  • Magnetic top for quick dispensing
  • Glossy finish and transparent bottom
  • Easy lift-off cap for emptying and refilling

1338 Pin-O-Clip: Versatile and Efficient

The 1338 Pin-O-Clip comes with a round lid divided into two openings, providing versatility in dispensing different types of office supplies. The dual openings allow for easy separation and access to various items, making it ideal for busy work environments. Its magnetic top keeps your supplies organised and easily accessible, while the transparent bottom ensures you can quickly see when a refill is needed.

Key Features:

  • Round lid with two divided openings
  • Magnetic top for efficient dispensing
  • Glossy finish and transparent bottom
  • Easy lift-off cap for convenient refilling

1341 Pin-O-Clip: Rounded and Reliable

With a rounded square lid featuring a single opening, the 1341 Pin-O-Clip combines style and functionality. Its unique shape and design make it a standout addition to any desk. The magnetic top allows for quick and easy access to your clips, while the transparent bottom ensures you always know when it’s time for a refill. The lift-off cap makes the process of emptying and refilling simple and hassle-free.

Key Features:

  • Rounded square lid with one opening
  • Magnetic top for fast dispensing
  • Glossy finish and transparent bottom
  • Easy lift-off cap for efficient refilling

1343 Pin-O-Clip: Secure and Discreet

The 1343 Pin-O-Clip features a closed lid with no openings, providing a secure storage solution for your office supplies. To dispense items, simply open the lid. This design ensures that your clips remain securely stored until you need them, reducing the risk of spills or accidental loss. Its magnetic top and transparent bottom make it both practical and stylish, and the easy lift-off cap allows for straightforward emptying and refilling.

Key Features:

  • Closed lid for secure storage
  • Magnetic top for organised dispensing
  • Glossy finish and transparent bottom
  • Easy lift-off cap for simple refilling

In conclusion, Pin-O-Clips offer a stylish and practical solution for organising your office supplies. With various designs to suit different needs, they ensure that your clips and pins are always within reach, helping you keep your desk neat and tidy. Choose the Pin-O-Clip that best fits your style and requirements, and enjoy a more organised workspace.

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